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Computer hardware and software applications netswas founded in June 2000. Is a certain degree of popularity of computer hardware and software integrated web site, focused on computer hardware, technology, solution and application of professional applications. According to the website under the channel is mainly divided into the computer institute, School of design, computer hardware and software maintenance, DIY tutorial, network programming, operating system, hardware tutorial, Photoshop, notebook computer, office, thematic learning tutorial.

Website content mainly for the original and web editing, from the determination of topics, data collection, writing, to the late editing, proof of the whole process of quality control. And used the "media" rigorous attitude to do, to ensure each reader timely understanding of the practical IT hardware and software application, learning and information, and strive to stand in the forefront of the industry in chaoyang.

Special note: at present, I only have "" 1 international domain name, registration time and meaning: registration in 2003-08-16.

Domain name of the letter combination, which 45IT, of which the digital part of the "45" Interpretation: "it is me", and even the "is my IT".



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